Psychotherapy and Counselling in Rickinghall and online - for both individuals and couples

Many people experience emotional distress at some time in their lives or are faced with situations where they need some professional help in making sense of and resolving their difficulties. Painful life events or personal problems suffered in relationships, careers, health or family life can prompt people to seek therapy.

Problems and difficulties that are not addressed are unlikely to disappear by themselves and talking through your issues with a well trained and experienced therapist can help you to find new ways of thinking and feeling which can lead to insight and change. I will provide you with a safe and confidential space in which to talk about and explore the issues which are troubling you.

Working Together

Here are some of the issues I may be able to help you with:

  • Anxiety, depression or generally finding it hard to cope
  • Compulsive patterns of internet usage, including internet pornography
  • Difficulty in making, sustaining or ending relationships
  • Family issues, conflicts and crises
  • Low self esteem and lack of confidence
  • Finding it hard to let go of the past
  • Understanding and managing anger
  • Feelings of isolation, loneliness and lack of a sense of belonging
  • Grief and loss, including: divorce, the ending of a relationship and bereavement
  • Self-destructive behaviours and self-harming
  • Sexuality and sexual identity
  • Workplace and career, including: performance issues, stress, redundancy and bullying

My Approach

Our sessions will offer you a confidential, non-judgmental and creative space in which to explore your thoughts and feelings in relation to your difficulties. My role is not to provide answers and quick fixes, but to work with you to develop a greater understanding of aspects of yourself, your life and your relationships which you may not have been able to consider before, or which you may not have been aware of. This can be a way of gaining clarity and enabling change as well as relieving distress.

My approach to therapy is based upon psychodynamic principles which, in short, means that therapy takes into account unconscious processes and repeated patterns as they are manifested in an individual’s present behaviour. Psychodynamic therapy helps to facilitate self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behaviour.

About Therapy

Initial Consultation

The first step is for us to arrange to meet for an initial session, either in-person or online, to discuss your reasons for seeking help and what you would like to get from therapy. You will also have the opportunity during this meeting to ask any questions about what happens in therapy and express any concerns. You are under no obligation to continue after the initial consultation. In the event that I do not think that I can help you, then we can discuss a referral to a more appropriate service.

On-going Therapy

If we then agree after our initial session that it would be beneficial for us to work together, we will schedule a regular weekly 50 minute appointment for us to meet in my practice. I work with clients on an open-ended basis and also on a time-limited basis.


My fees are from £60 per 50 minute session for individuals and from £70 per 50 minute session for couples. I am a registered provider with AVIVA Health, BUPA and Cigna.

Once a session is arranged, the agreed slot will be reserved for you. To help me run my practice efficiently and fairly, I will need to charge the full fee for appointments missed or cancelled with less than a week's notice for any reason. This allows me to assure continuity and availability for your sessions.